Al-Ba'th Progressive Party

Year of Establishment: 1993
The organizational Structure: Regional Conference, The Party Council, Central Leadership, in addition to several specialized Committees: Woman Committee, Youth Committee, Students Committee.
Secretary-General: Mr. Fouad Dabor
Party’s Objectives: -The Party struggles for the supremacy and institutionalization of democracy as well as the rule of law and constitution. The removal of control of the people’s will and achievement of political and economical reform in the interest of the people. Adherence to the monotheistic religions and respect of the national heritage and the Arab nation’s unity. Consolidation of the democratic system and the achievement of the Arab economy integration.
The Party’s Media: Internal Press
Party’s Headquarter: Amman- Jabal Alnozha- near to Hamza Ibn ‘Abdul-Muttalib School
Party’s Branches: Amman,Irbid,Ajloun,Madaba,Karak,Zarqa
Fixed Line(s): 4647015 06
Fax: 4647016 06
P.O. Box: 240591 Amman. East Jabal Al Hussein
Al-Ba'th Progressive Party