About Center
About Center
Vision, Mission and Fundamental Values
An end to workers’ rights violations in Jordan, and the achievement of fair and decent labor conditions for all, in accordance with the principles of democracy, human rights and sustainable development.

The Phenix Center works to promote a sustainable developmental paradigm in Jordan, rooted in human rights and the principles of democratic governance by focusing on reforming the labor policies, lifting of restrictions on freedom of association, and strengthening of social protection policies. The Center specializes in promoting inclusivity in development processes by compiling databases of relevant actors and stakeholders, developing research, studies, papers and reports, conducting conferences and advocacy campaigns, and empowering the several actors to take part in steering development through capacity-building.

Fundamental Values:
Respect of Human Rights Principles.
Respect of Good Governance Principles.

About us:
The Phenix Center for Economics & Informatics Studies is a non-governmental organization dedicated to independent policy research and measuring public opinions on impactful current and emerging issues in areas of economics, society, and its legislative environment in Jordan. The Center was founded in Amman, Jordan in 2003 under the registration number 142203.

Jordan Labor Watch
Jordan Labor Watch contributes to improving work conditions for all workers in Jordan in accordance with international labor standards through developing studies and reports covering various aspects of labor issues related to workers, uncover violations and abuses to which workers are exposed in the work place. The program provides a comprehensive database covering various indicators related to the labor market, trade unions, labor organizations, and laws and regulations governing performance. Furthermore, the program strives to present alternative policies that tackle challenges facing the Arabian and Jordanian labor market as well as conducting training programs that support upgrading skills and capabilities of advocates in the labor movement.
The program has obtained several achievements including, develop and launch of the “Labor Watch” website, which covers various aspects of labor and trade union news and it also offers general coverage of Arabian labor policies and coverage of labor protests carried out by labor groups demanding of improvement at various organizational levels, issue reports and studies in relation to the Jordanian and Arabian labor markets and workplace conditions in addition to submit reports that monitor the labor protests, moreover, prepare and carry out training programs aimed to upgrading capabilities of the trade union activists.

Jordan Politics Life
This program aims to develop the political life in Jordan and the Arab region in order to promote democratic practices through, prepare studies and reports that address the Jordanian political life and the roles of political actors in enhancing the all development dimensions in addition to provide a database of the Jordanian political actors and the laws governing their activities, as well as provide the support to help them of performing their roles effectively.
The program provide a comprehensive database of the Jordanian political actors represented by the Throne, the House of Representatives, the Senate, Governments, Political Parties and Judiciary. The database was issued in the form of printed volumes in 2008 and then launched online that updating regularly.

Civil Society in Jordan
Civil Society program aims to contribute in improving the performance of civil society organizations in Jordan and to enhance their roles in the public life. This is accomplished through preparing studies and reports covering various aspects related to promoting political, social and economic development, provide databases comprising civil society organizations and the laws governing their work as well as conduct training programs that enable upgrading skills and capabilities of activists and workers in the civil society organizations to advance their roles in society.
The program develop a comprehensive database containing complete information on civil society organizations according to objectives, field of operation, administration members, and full contact information. The database was issued in the form of printed volumes in 2010 and then launched online that updating regularly.

Studies Unit
This unit aims to issue studies and position papers in alignment with the foundational principals of the Center and according to project objectives.  To date the unit has successfully conducted and issued studies and position papers addressing economic, social and political topics.  These include analyzing the economic, social and political agendas of the electoral lists running for the Jordanian parliament in 2013, the effects of increasing the price of electricity on the Jordanian society at large, developing alternative labor policies and subsequently recommending new labor legislation.

Surveys and Polls
This unit undertakes preparing and carrying out public polls and field surveys in alignment with the foundational principals of the Center and according to project objectives.  To date the unit has successfully executed various surveys and polls on behalf of organizations and institutions on topics such as perspectives of Jordanians regarding the local economy, and their confidence in the economy.