Khalil Hussein Khalil Atieh

Year of Birth: 1958
Birth Place: Amman
Graduation Country:
Last Position: Member in the 16th parliament
Qualifications: Bachelor in Civil Engineering
Professional Experiences: Manager of a contracting company/ Member of Amman Municipal Council
5694278 06
5685970 06
95201111 07
Governorate: Amman
Electoral District: Electoral District – First
No. of Votes: 8290
Representative Seat: Muslim
Membership of Political Parties:
Membership of Civil Society Organizations:
The vote of confidence:
membership of former lower houses:
Membership of Parliamentary Committees: System and Behavior Committee Rural Area Committee
Membership of Parliamentary Blocs: Independents
General Features of the Political, Economical and Social Programme:
Khalil Hussein Khalil Atieh