Khalil Hussein Khalil Atieh

Year of Birth: 1958
Birth Place: Amman
Graduation Country:
Last Position: Member in the 16th parliament
Qualifications: Bachelor in Civil Engineering
Professional Experiences: Manager of a contracting company/ Member of Amman Municipal Council
5694278 06
5685970 06
95201111 07
Governorate: Amman
Electoral District: Electoral District – First
No. of Votes: 13238
Representative Seat: Muslim
Membership of Political Parties: None
Membership of Civil Society Organizations:
1- Jordanian Engineers Association
2- Membership of several charitable societies and sport clubs
The vote of confidence:
membership of former lower houses: Deputy, 13th, 14th and 15th Lower House
Membership of Parliamentary Committees:
Membership of Parliamentary Blocs:
General Features of the Political, Economical and Social Programme: Emphasizing national unityand criticizing the allocation of certain public positions by individuals fromcertain families. Fighting poverty. Providing support to education. Paying moreattention to schools and universities. Promoting freedom of press. Supportingthe Armed Forces. Centrality of the Palestinian cause.
Khalil Hussein Khalil Atieh