Jawad Anani

Graduation Country: Egypt, USA
Last Position: President of the Economic and Social Council
-Ph.D. in economics from the University of Georgia, the United States in 1975.
- Master's degree in economics from the University Vandrilt 1970
- Bachelor's degree in 1967 from the American University in Cairo
Professional Experiences:
- Minister of Supply in 1979 -1980
- Minister of Labour from 1980-1984
- Minister of Industry and Trade and Minister of Tourism in 1984
- Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs and Minister of Information 1993-1995
- Deputy Prime Minister for Development Affairs between 1997-1998.
- Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1998.
- Served as President of the Royal Court and was named a member of the Senate and more than one session.
Membership of Committees:
Finance and Economic Committee
Education Committee
Energy and Mineral Treasure Committee
Membership in civil societies: None
Membership in political parties: None
Jawad Anani