Ahmad Falah Tbdshat

Year of Birth: 1947
Birth Place: Irbid
Graduation Country: Egypt
Master of Laws - Institute of Research and Graduate Studies in Cairo in 1973.
Bachelor of Laws - Cairo University in 1970.
Professional Experiences:
Minister of Parliamentary Affairs 2010-2011
a legal advisor to the Ministry of Information for eight years.
He joined the Ministry of Justice on 9/6/1974.
a judge and public prosecutor in Oman from 1977 until 1984, when he resigned from the judicial service at his request.
Legal advisor to the Radio and Television Corporation for nine years.
Legal advisor to Jordan News Agency / Petra for eight years.
Legal advisor to a number of private companies and public institutions.
Membership of Committees:
Legal Committee
Health and Environment and Population Committee
Tourism and Heritage Committee
Ahmad Falah Tbdshat