Akef Ahmad Zu'bi

Year of Birth: 1950
Birth Place: Ramtha
Graduation Country: Jordan,Syria, Soudan
Last Position: Minister of Agriculture
- Bachelor's degree in agricultural sciences from the University of Aleppo in 1974.
- Master's in agricultural economics from the University of Jordan in 1990.
- PhD in economics from Al Neelain University in Khartoum in 2000.
Professional Experiences:
1974-1979 Director of the Agricultural Cooperative Society in Jordan
1979-1982 Director of the Agricultural Credit Department of the Farmers Union
1982-1984 Project Manager for Protected Agriculture at Saqr Agricultural Company / Saudi Arabia
- 1984-1985 Director of the Follow-up and Collection Department / Union of Farmers in the Jordan Valley
1985-1986 Director of the Lending and Follow-up Department / Farmers Union in the Jordan Valley
- 1986 -1988 Director of Studies and Information Directorate at the Agricultural Marketing Corporation
1988-1990 Director of the Office of Coordination and Follow-up / Agricultural Marketing Corporation
1990-2002 Director of the Directorate of Studies and Information / Agricultural Marketing Corporation
- 2002 -2004 Director of Agricultural Marketing Department / Ministry of Agriculture
2004 Assistant Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture for Marketing and Information
2004 Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture
-2005-2006 Minister of Agriculture
Phone: 5686151
Membership of Committees:
Finance and Economic Committee
Agriculture and Water Committee
Energy and Mineral Treasure Committee
Akef Ahmad Zu'bi