Mohammed Juma Abdullah Wahsh

Year of Birth: 1946
Birth Place: Bethlehem
Graduation Country:
Egypt, Jordan

PhD in Modern Arabic Literature / Specialization: Literature and Criticism, Al-Azhar University 1981.
Master's degree in Modern Arabic Literature/ Specialization: Literature and Criticism, Al-Azhar University 1974.
Bachelor's degree in Arabic language and literature, University of Jordan, 1969.
Professional Experiences:
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Education 2013
Minister of Social Development 1999-2000
Minister of Education
Member of the Twenty-Second and Twenty-Fifth Senate.
A teacher in the schools of the Ministry of Education 1969-1975.
Educational supervisor in Amman 1975-1980.
Assistant Director of Education 1981-1983.
Phone: 064395522/065600061
Membership of Committees:
Education Committee
Labor and Social Development Committee
Palestine Committee
Mohammed Juma Abdullah Wahsh