Al-Resalah Party

Year of Establishment: 2002
The organizational Structure: Executive Office, Central Council, Higher Commission, General Conference, in addition to several specialized committees: Political Committee, Media Committee, Cultural Committee, Economical Committee, Financial Committee, Mobilization Committee, Social Committee, Youth Committee, Educational Committee, Labor and Professional Committee.
Secretary-General: Dr. Hazem Qashou
Party’s Objectives: -Setting programs aimed at serving the human needs of the homeland and enhancing the national security and progress thereof in economical, political and social fields as well as loyalty to the homeland, political pluralism, responsible freedom within the framework of democracy and social justice. Utilization of all means and tools provided by the constitution and law and faith in the institutionalized programs that depend on the principle of democracy in accordance with demands of reality and requirements of the foreseeable future. Work on the development of human recourses through upgrading the individual skills and abilities. Respecting the constitution and the rule of law as well as political pluralism in thought and opinion. Preservation of the independence of the homeland. Renunciation of violence and the achievement of equal opportunities for all citizens. Not to engage in any organizational or financial links with any non-Jordanian side.
-Refrain from partisan organization and polarization within the armed forces or the public security personnel.
The Party’s Media: Internal Press
Party’s Headquarter: Amman- Madinah Al Munawwarah Street
Party’s Branches: Amman, Russeifa, Karak, Zarqa, Maan, Irbid, Mafraq
Fixed Line(s): 5859653 06
5153069 06
Fax: 5153069 06
P.O. Box: 8277
Al-Resalah Party