Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

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  • Year of Establishment: 1984
  • Ministry's Functions: 1. Secure the required crude oil and relevant oil derivatives for local consumption at the lowest possible cost.

    2. Ensure the continuous supply of electric power in the best standards.

    3. Development and exploitation of the local power resources.

    4. Encouraging and allowing the private sector to invest in the power and mineral resources sector.

    5. Increasing the power use efficiency in order to improve the service to the consumers.

    6. Exploring new and renewable energy sources to increase its share in the total output.

    7. Reducing the cost of importing energy on the government budget.
  • Fixed Line(s): 5803060 06
  • Fax: 5865714 06
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  • P.O. Box: 140027 Amman 11814 Jordan
  • Address: Zahran Street