Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

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  • Year of Establishment: 1953
  • Ministry's Functions: 1. Develop an advanced tourism industry capable of utilizing its comparative and competitive advantages through highly developed infrastructure facilities and superstructure services.

    2. Develop archaeological and tourism sites and resources to enhance the tourism and prolong tourists length of stay to achieve higher tourism revenues and create new job opportunities.

    3. Expand the role of the Private Sector in tourism investment and attraction of additional capital within a framework of mutual cooperation between the public and the private sectors.

    4. Upgrade the quality of tourism services to match international standards.

    5. Develop tourism awareness of the Kingdom's culture, heritage, civilizations, and archaeological resources within the framework of sustainable tourism development in harmony with local communities and nongovernmental organizations.

    6. Strengthen the institutional structure of the tourism sector through upgrading legislations, laws, by-laws, instructions and human resources' development.

    7. Establish and implement marketing and promotion campaigns in international and regional markets, strengthen international cooperation and promote domestic tourism.
  • Fixed Line(s): 06-4603360
  • Fax: 06-4648465
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  • P.O. Box: 224 Amman 11118
  • Address: Jabal Amman/ Third circle