Ministry of Labour

  • Year of Establishment: 1976
  • Ministry's Functions: 1. Organizing the labour sector, as well as updating labour legislations so as to meet the needs of the labour market in light of the social and economic developments within a framework that maintains the production parties rights, and contributes in encouraging the foreign investments.

    2. Contribution in the development of workforces through vocational and technical training and the Educational Council.

    3. Collaboration in human resources and workforces development projects.

    4. Applying the Law of Vocational Work Organization.

    5. Organizing the foreign labour in the Jordanian Labour Market.6. Maintain available job opportunities to employ Jordanian Labour.

    7. Restructuring and re-organizing the Ministry of Labour so as to enable it to achieve its objectives with full efficiency.

    8. Building up labour market databases.

    9. Consolidating cooperation and partnership with the private sector.

    10. Consolidating regional and international cooperation and partnership.

    11. Consolidating partnership and cooperation with corporations concerned with preparing and developing Human Resources.
  • Fixed Line(s): 06-5802666
  • Fax: 06-5855072
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  • P.O. Box: 8160 Amman 11121