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    Ministry of Environment seeks to improve and maintain the quality of the Jordanian environment and to preserve the natural resources and to achieve the sustainable development through the creation and development of policies, legislations and strategies as well as effective monitoring programs and the inclusion of environmental concepts in the national development plans.

    Strategic Goals:

    1. Help in achieving sustainable development: Development and application of suitable policies, mechanisms and executive tools which link and promote the connection between the environment protection and the economic welfare and contribute to the inclusion of environmental concepts into the national development plants.

    2. Creation and implementation of effective policies, strategies and legislations to preserve and protect environment.

    3. Strengthening and development of inspection and monitoring programs and mechanisms and enforcement of laws and regulations to reduce the negative impacts on the environment.

    4. Creation of comprehensive information management programs in order to take appropriate decisions through collection of environmental information and the publication and analysis thereof.

    5. Dissemination of environmental education and raising the general public awareness in environment protection as well as the inclusion of environmental concepts in the various educational means.

    6. Support the cooperation with the relevant national, regional and international parties and to maintain clear and effective communication channels with them in order to realize the Ministry’s vision and to achieve its mission.

    7. Promotion and development of the Ministry’s resources to perform its functions and to implement its mission and realize its vision.

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