Ministry of Finance

  • Year of Establishment: 1920
  • Ministry's Functions: 1. Drawing up plans to implement the government fiscal policies and following up the collection of public revenues and depositing them in the treasury as well as supervising the spending of public expenditures and organizing the accounts related to both revenues and expenditures according to the applicable financial legislation.

    2. Managing cash flows to provide liquidity and directing public investment according to applicable monetary and fiscal policies.

    3. Studying and analyzing monetary, fiscal, and economic situations and evaluating tax policies and procedures.

    4. Managing civil and military pension affairs and compensations according to laws and regulations, as well as managing the funds of both the social security and the employee and workers saving fund.

    5. Studying and following up issues that lead to government rights or require taking legal actions at the concerned courts.

    6. Preparing, developing and updating draft financial legislations related to public revenues and expenditures.

    7. Cooperating and coordinating with concerned authorities in preparing social and economic development plans and the implementation thereof.

    8. Cooperating and coordinating with the Central Bank of Jordan in achieving harmony between fiscal and monetary policies to support the national economy.

    9. Expressing opinion and advising on draft laws, regulations, agreements and any other subjects that represent financial obligations on the Treasury.

    10. Cooperating and coordinating with ministries and governmental departments to train and rehabilitate the cadres in finance and accounting.
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  • P.O. Box: 85 Amman 11118
  • Address: King Hussein Street (Alsalt Street)