Ministry of Education

  • Ministry's Functions: Developing a distinguished educational system that relies on human resources based on global standards, social values, and a highly competitive spirit in order to develop Jordan within the global knowledge economy. This will be achieved by preparing citizens who believe in Allah to stick with their faith, follow high Arab Islamic values, loyalty to his nation, country and principles, knows his rights, and perform his duties within a frame that secures personal balance and openness toward others without any isolation or melting. Equipping citizens with skills and knowledge that are necessary for knowledge based economy (knowledge skills, communication skills, working with teams, scientific skills, personal skills, IT skills, career dimension skills, and scientific research skills), so they can participate in building their community. Providing learning opportunities for everybody; achieving equality and justice in education services (Quantitative and qualitative) by concentrating on qualitative development measured by students’ level of learning. Seeking the rooting of an educational administration on all levels, focusing on activating schools management and upgrading the internal and external efficiency of the Jordanian educational system.
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  • P.O. Box: 1646 Amman 11118
  • Address: Alabdali beside the Parliament