Mejhem hamad Hussein al-soqour

Year of Birth: 1960
Graduation Country: Jordan
Last Position: President of Alkarema Municipality
Qualifications: Diploma
Professional Experiences:
President of Alkarema Municipality
Phone: 0798888400
Governorate: Irbid
Electoral District: Electoral District – Seventh
No. of Votes: 15326
Representative Seat: Muslim
Membership of Political Parties: None
Membership of Civil Society Organizations: Board Member, Jordan Farmers Union
The vote of confidence:
membership of former lower houses: Deputy, 13th, 14th Lower House
Membership of Parliamentary Committees:
Membership of Parliamentary Blocs:
General Features of the Political, Economical and Social Programme: Fighting corruption byopening the corruption files to achieve justice, transparency andaccountability, through revising the Anti-Corruption Commission law to enable thecommission to play a real role in fighting the corrupt perpetrators. Supportingjudicial independence. Implementing political, economic and agriculturalreforms by supporting the agriculture sector and farmers, improvement of thestandard of living among citizens, limiting the escalating prices.
Mejhem hamad Hussein al-soqour