Abd Alrahman Alhanaqtah

Year of Birth: 1963
Graduation Country: Romania
Last Position: General Manager and Chairman of the Board
Qualifications: Master degree in Civil Engineering
5826233 06
95582702 07
Email: hanaqtah@go.com.jo
Governorate: Al Tafeliah
Electoral District: Electoral District – First
No. of Votes: 4429
Representative Seat: Muslim
Membership of Political Parties: None
Membership of Civil Society Organizations:
1- Jordan Engineers Association
2- Jordanian Constructions Constructors Association
3- Membership of several charitable associations
The vote of confidence:
membership of former lower houses: Deputy 15th Lower House
Membership of Parliamentary Committees:
Membership of Parliamentary Blocs:
General Features of the Political, Economical and Social Programme: Strengthening the nationalunity in facing the external and internal challenges. Achieving politicalreform. Amending the election law and involving the political forces, partiesand trade unions in making political decisions. Conducting the municipalelections in the prescribed timings. Reconsidering the draft of thedecentralization law. Activating the role of the Audit Bureau. Constant revisionof priorities and strengthening the role of the private sector as well as theprotection of financial institutions and the need to examine the actual statusof investment, in addition to developing the public sector. Seeking guidance inthe axes of the national agenda, which represents a political, economical andsocial program. Developing education, agriculture and health services sectors.Judicial independence according to the principle of separation of powers.
Abd Alrahman Alhanaqtah