Yassin Husban

Year of Birth: 1946
Graduation Country: United Kingdom
Qualifications: Master in Medicine and Dental Industry
Professional Experiences:
1- Director of Princes Ali Bin Al Hussein Hospital in Karak (1987-1988).
2- Director of Queen Alia Military Hospital (1989-1991).
3- Director of Dentistry at the Royal Medical Services 1991-1999
4- Director of Al-Hussein Hospital, Al-Hussein Medical City 1999-2000
5- Director- General of Al-Hussein Medical City 1999-2000
6- Chairman of the Higher Studies Committee for the Jordanian Dentistry Board
5655166 06
5164000 06
5665232 06
79009001 07
95621212 07
Email: diwan@moh.gov.jo
Membership of Committees:
Information and National Orientation Committee
Administrative Committee
Agriculture and Water Committee
Membership in civil societies: None
Membership in political parties: None
Yassin Husban