Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs
  • Year of Establishment: 1939
  • Ministry's Functions: Defining foreign policy, following it up, and implementing it in accordance with relevant directives. Representing the kingdom in foreign countries, international and regional organizations. Organizing the kingdom’s links with other countries, international and regional organizations, and sponsoring and following-up of political, economic, cultural and other relations. Organizing the relations of the accredited foreign missions in the Kingdom with Jordanian officials and local parties. Studying and preparing treaties and agreements with foreign countries , international and regional organizations as well as adopting measures to implement and maintain such agreements and follow up on their implementation in cooperation and coordination with concerned parties in line with the Kingdom’s policies and concerns. Participating in the representation of the Kingdom at international conferences. Providing consular services to Jordanians abroad as well as foreigners who visit Jordan or reside therein.
  • Fixed Line(s): 5735150 06
  • Fax: 5735163 06
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  • P.O. Box: 35217 Amman- Jordan