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  • Year of Establishment: 1923
  • Ministry's Functions: 1. The development, preparation and implementation of plans and programs for the construction of road networks in the Kingdom and keep those roads constantly maintained.

    2. The development and implementation of a comprehensive plan for traffic safety capable to raise the level of security and provide advanced factors of traffic safety on the roads.

    3. Supervising the studies and designs necessary for the construction of road networks in the Kingdom.

    4. Applying the quality control on all road projects of the Ministry and conduct laboratory tests of construction materials.

    5. Conducting the research and theoretical and practical studies related to roads.

    6. Contributing with the other competent departments, institutions and bodies to the development and implementation of legislation relating to transport and maintain the roads.

    7. Managing the training programs for engineers and other professionals.

    8. Handling of the Jordanian Codes, circulation and publication thereof, and lay the foundations for the application of such codes through the National Building Council.

    9. Undertaking any other tasks assigned by the Council of Ministers.
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  • Fax: 5857590 06
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  • P.O. Box: 1220 Amman 11118