Ministry of Social Development

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  • Year of Establishment: 1948
  • Ministry's Functions: Promoting social development work and coordinating it among Development partners in governmental and non-governmental sectors. Developing comprehensive and integrated policies to develop the society and ensure the provision of distinguished services that improve families and individuals quality of living through investing in human resources, developing their abilities, employing information and knowledge, establishing an equal development process in terms of social and economical dimensions. Preservation of the achieved gains. Organizing citizens’ efforts and raise their awareness about using their abilities to improve their living standards. Providing citizens with social services, protecting society from social problems, and coordinating with relevant bodies that work in the social field.
  • Fixed Line(s): 06-5679327
  • Fax: 06-5679961
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  • P.O. Box: 6720 postal code 11118
  • Address: Zahran Street