Khamees Hussein khaleel ateyyeh

Year of Birth: 1966
Graduation Country: Jordan
Last Position: - Board Member of Greater Amman Municipality (2003-2011).
- Master in management strategies
- Bachelors in Accounting
Professional Experiences:
- Member of the Executives Board - Al Hussein ateyyeh & Sons company.
- Deputy Director for Al Hussein Attia buildings and contracting.
- Board Member of Greater Amman Municipality (2003-2011).
- Member of the local committee for many areas in the Greater Amman Municipality.
- Chairman of the Local Committee of the Abdali area (2007-2011).
Governorate: Amman
Electoral District: National list
No. of Votes: 94682
Representative Seat: National list
Membership of Political Parties: None
Membership of Civil Society Organizations:
- Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Hussein Sports Club.

- A member of many humanitarian and social institutions and charities.
The vote of confidence: withholding confidence
membership of former lower houses: None
Membership of Parliamentary Committees: Administrative Committee Palestine Committee
Membership of Parliamentary Blocs:
General Features of the Political, Economical and Social Programme:
Khamees Hussein khaleel ateyyeh