Mostafa Ramadan Abdel-qader Yaghi

Year of Birth: 1967
Graduation Country: Jordan
Last Position: - Lawyer from 1993.
- PHD in pecial Law.
- Master's in Special Law.
- Bachelor's of Legal Studies.
- Bachelor of Law.
Professional Experiences:
- Lawyer from 1993.
- Chairman of the Arab Organization for young lawyer's professional organization with a membership of lawyers from 16 Arab countries.
- Member of the new mayor of Ain ​​Al-Basha (1995-1999) and (2003-2007) cycles by direct secret way.
- General Director of the Arab Center for Mediation and Arbitration / Amman.
Phone: 0795555190
Governorate: As Salt
Electoral District: Electoral District – First
No. of Votes: 5708
Representative Seat: Muslim
Membership of Political Parties:
Membership of Civil Society Organizations:
The vote of confidence:
membership of former lower houses:
Membership of Parliamentary Committees: Legal Committee Administrative Committee
Membership of Parliamentary Blocs: Democracy Bloc
General Features of the Political, Economical and Social Programme:
Mostafa Ramadan Abdel-qader Yaghi